Rising Action


J.Kenny offers a range of services to bring the best from your manuscript.

All services begin by discussing your project to understand what you want to bring out of your book. This works for fiction and non-fiction. It is essential to understand your angle, your perspective, and your expectations for your book.

Ghostwriting covers full manuscript development. Perhaps you’ve already written an outline, a handful of chapters, or have presentations written as a place to start. Maybe at this point the book is just an idea. Through interviews and discussions, J.Kenny will develop your ideas into a manuscript ready for publication.

Developmental Editing. If you’ve already written the first draft, or want to do more of the actual writing yourself instead of a standard ghostwriting relationship, working through the developmental editing process is your best way forward. This approach coaches you through the process as you write, keeping your book and writing on track, sharing the writing and work to finish your manuscript on your timeline and schedule.

Manuscript Consultation. Gaining an outside perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript is essential to refining your book for publication. A manuscript consultation provides you with detailed notes of what works and where some further work is needed. This is done in conjunction with discussions with you to understand exactly where you want to push the book. Without understanding your motivation and aims, the consultation is not helpful; like drawing a map without compass points.

Edit. A Manuscript Consultation with a scalpel. A professional edit cuts the fat and brings the best out of your manuscript. A full edit can be exceptionally helpful after a Manuscript Consultation, with your next round of feedback.

Proofread. A professional proofread will not only iron out your spelling and grammar, it will ensure other elements of your manuscript remain consistent, while giving feedback to ensure everything holds together, without repetition, and ties up in a satisfying way.